Thursday, January 12, 2012

Going All Fancy on a Class Field Trip

We've all been there. Dropping your kids off one morning and noticing the big yellow school bus. That's right-- it's field trip day and you've forgotten to pack a bag lunch. I felt HORRIBLE, the first time this happened to me. My husband had to leave work, make a mad dash to Safeway and create a makeshift lunch for my 2 year old and 4 year old.

This "fancy" bag lunch from that day, has led my 4 year old to believe that every bag lunch should include a half deli sandwhich on sourdough, a side garden salad and bowl of butternut squash soup. Eh-no.

What happened to the days of PB&J and Goldfish crackers.

So, this is why my 4-year old started preparing us for today's field trip at the beginging of the month.

First Born Daughter: "Mommy, I want a tuna sandwich and Macaroni Salad to take on my field trip"

Me: " Really because I thought maybe a PB&J would suffice"

That was my intial interal reaction. But of course, I so wanted to make up for the "Opps, I forgot you were going on a field trip and mommy didn't make you a bag lunch" fiasco from last time.

I packed so much crap in my kids lunch for today that they had to carry thier lunches in a backpack-- with wheels.

My first born daughter to me;

"Mommy can you help me pull my backpack into the car... it's too heavy"

Happy Field Trip Day!!!

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