Monday, January 9, 2012

Mommying? Why yes, I'd love to.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be a mom, and to be "Momed" sometimes. You know what I mean. On my list, I'm like number 623,588,682. From-- laundry to my kids and everything in between. But to my mom, I'm first!

Isn't that amazing?

My weekends are generally filled with Mommying my three children. Yes Mommying, and that is in fact a word.

This weekend though, I came across old email threads between myself and my wonderful mom from years ago.

Here's a typical email to my mom;


Me: haha. Sup? Anyways.. Is it okay if we come by today around 11 something to pick up my husband's clothes. Also, can you please dry them. Sorry. I thank you soooo much. My husband's flight is at 3:25. And I have a clogged milk duct.

Great. Love you.


Me: How are you? Can we come over and do laundry today? are you still cooking
Mom: Yes and yes
Me: Should we bring food over if we get there around 12?
Me: I know.. its brunch. Love you.. see you in a minute!

Conversation between me and my 3 year old daughter;


First Born: "Mommy I want to lay down because my tummy hurts"
Me: "It does... lets try and potty to make it feel better". Tries to potty and nothing happens.
Me: " First born if your tummy hurts you have to go to grandma's house because you cant go to school sick"
First Born: "Its okay-- I can just poop at daycare. My friend Hazel poops at daycare everyday."

Yikes, I guess some things never change.

Here are a few gratitious weekend photos....
 Fingerpainting 101.. and a tea party.... she sent Evites and everything...
 And Woody got in on the action.... See him?
 The toys are consuming my home.... one room at a time. Okay okay, I kid.. this is from Christmas morning. Wait.. no our family room doesn't look like this today...the pic is from Christmas morning.. shut up.

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