Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Section-not: The Truth about Sectional Couches

Think of the words, “sectional” and “couch”. Sounds like a 1990’s basement scene with a big leather brown sectional the size of a football field, right?

After a short back and forth banter with my husband I gave in to the idea of putting a sectional in our family room. Uhh… I know.. sigh.

Then I got really excited.. like really.. to see that sectionals have come a long way from the big brown frat “ I-want-to-bring-a-girl-over-to-my place-and-have-her-sit-on-my-grandma’s sectional-so-that-we-can-get-it-on” couch.

Here are a few sectionals “done right”… and wrong for laughs of course!

Sectional gone terribly wrong 

 gone right....

And right again...

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