Monday, March 5, 2012

A Year Later-- Our "other room" uncensored

The “Other Room” in my home.

It’s almost like an evil step child. There’s a small neglected space as you walk into my house. It’s narrow, and far too small to work as living room. In fact, my husband and I use the room, off the side of the kitchen instead, as a gathering room. Two couches, a fireplace, and our TV is mounted in that room.

So, what about the “other room”? After browsing on, I’m convinced we have a sitting room in my house. Yes, there are parts of my new home that are uncharted territory, and are instead occupied by papers, toys, Capri Sun straws ( Just kidding, that’s gross, stickiness = ants, and ants are a heck no for me).

I digress— here are a few inspiring sitting room examples.

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