Saturday, April 14, 2012

I kid you not!

Somewhere during the last four years, between baking cookies and running my 4-year old to soccer practice, I've managed to have 2 additional children. It's like I fell, stood up, and out of nowhere we were expecting baby #2, and 2 wonderful years later, baby# 3 came along.

This gave us very little time to prepare our big girl's room, for our newborn's arrival. Sheesh! I mean, you'd think that with all of the time that I have on my hands, I could have organized a small basket and a blanket in the corner of our daughters room. No way! I am sooo kidding!

House of Bliss, La Dolce Vita and CoCoCozy, all showcased such beautiful kid's rooms and nurseries-- that are tah-die for!

So let's see...where to start?

The rooms take a modern approach to kids decorating by mixing primary colors with neutrals. Still calming, no?





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