Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kids Bedroom Gone Glamour

Move over plastic furniture, because kids room decor this time around has gone more chic and a lot less urgh-plastic?

I love the incorporation of soft color pallets and shabby chic furniture as focal points and soft natural elements in a kids bedroom. I also love how chandeliers and luxurious fabrics add a slight hint of sophistication to a kids room.

Big Boys Bedroom eclectic kids
Bedroom eclectic kids
Pallet Toddler Bed eclectic kids

bedroom eclectic kids


  1. Hello I found you through CafeMom. I love this kids bedroom ideas. They gave me some really cute ideas for our kids bedrooms. I really like your blog. It's very fun.
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  2. Hi Lucy! Thanks for commenting. I am heading over to your blog now! thanks!