Thursday, April 5, 2012

Laundry Room into Mom Cave-- Hello!

So.. hmmm. If I spend up to 100 hours a month in my laundry room (Oh, I don't spend entirely that much time in there, but it's fun to pretend) and very little time everywhere else in my home.. well except the kitchen-- I really like to eat, you'd think I would have a pretty immaculate laundry space. Not!

Oh shoot! My current laundry space is dark, and narrow. It's like a dungeon above ground with one small florescent light. 

I know, I know, our laundry room will have to serve as functional---blah blah, but as a girly-girl I would so love to glam it up!

I came across a few really cool laundry room ideas online, and saw that most of the rooms incorporated really beautiful wallpaper on the walls! Love! Oh-- and Chandeliers. Right-- I know...but if I can add "girly glam boho chic" to one room of my home, it will most likely be our laundry room. Whoo hoo!

Another bonus of starting with our laundry room first,is that I am big scary-cat, and I'm afraid to paint our kitchen cabinets white, so using our laundry room cabinets as a test will help me determine my amazing painting skills.

Yep, give a girl Youtube, and a bunch of painting tutorials, and she swears she's a professional painter!

Here are a few laundry rooms that I'd like to use as inspiration! Wallpaper = AMAZING!!! Okay, enough with the shouting.

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