Friday, April 20, 2012

Mother Always Says...

Mother's Day. The Holiday not only makes me want to celebrate my mom, but it also makes me want to celebrate being a mommy too.

I mean, just this morning-- actually this entire week, has been pretty mom-tastic for me. I love celebrating the highlights of mommyhood--like when my two year old sneaks in our bed at night and snuggles with me. Cute, right?

But, what about the hilarious and embarrassing mommy moments? Like, hmmm.. just this morning, my 7-month old princess fell from the bed. She had pillows and a make-shift barrier all around her, but she managed to climb over them and flip onto the floor on the side of the bed. She was perfectly fine. Promise!

Anywho.. I ran upstairs after hearing the "thump", and my four year old follows behind me shouting "Mommy, did you not put pillows around her? How did she fall?!"

It's like my four year old little Diva thinks I've never had a kid before. sheesh.

Gus & Lula's Etsy Store is full of hilarious "mommyisms" perfect for Mother's Day.

Do you have any hilarious mommy moments? Share them by commenting below.

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