Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Home Office Should Make Me Want to ergh-Work?

I will be the first to admit that my home office looks like erh... we'll its my couch. I have the guest room, that is now serving as a toy / storage bin and it could be easily converted into a home office for me, but ergh-- hmpht! All the noises, I know, are making this blog post as entertaining for you to read as it was for me to type.

Anywho. Home offices. Why yes! I came across these stunning home offices and I soo wanted to share them. Here are my must haves for a home office. Oh wait.. this could be why I have hesitated in thinking for once that I can turn our guest room into one.

Home Office Must Haves:
1. Tons of Natural Light : Our guest bedroom is facing East.. or West--whichever direction has the most sunlight, that's the direction. Yep!
2. Wallpaper: Most likely a soft metallic, Chevron or Damask Print preferably.
3. Area Rug: My new obsession. Home Goods + Area Rugs = AMAZING!
4. Trendy Desk and Chair : I think it was make the space look cooler. Nothing really functional here.
5. Storage: For cords and papers and what-nots. I hate cords. They are ugly.

Here are a few designed Home Offices that I adore!

Vanessa DeLeon eclectic home office

workspace eclectic home office
Century City Office eclectic home office
Desk eclectic home office
Home Office eclectic home office
Supon Phornirunlit/ Naked Decor eclectic home office
Serene, Sophisticated Sitting Room eclectic home office
NEST Home Office eclectic home office
Domicile id contemporary home office
Gallery Loft modern home office
Traditional Glamour traditional home office

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  1. I would definitely handpick photos #8 and #9. Both have that sophisticated look for a home-office that suits you best. They don’t have strong color tones that shout “too-girly,” but simply have that strong “businesswoman” appeal. What do you think?

    Clayton Steadham