Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh Goody!

I may seen really odd, but there are very few stores that I can walk into and have an instant rush of adrenaline. But there is one store causes me to have this reaction each and every time. Two words-- Home Goods!

Home Goods is in fact my go-to for decorating.

It all started when I landed a job right out of High School at Marshalls, also a part of the Home Goods brand, and I would spend hours in the Home Decor section folding towels and area rugs.

And that my friend is a real job. Let me be the first to say that towels are a pain to fold because the lint particles fly in your face and linger around in the air for hours. Swear-- I had lint embedded in my eyelashes and eyebrows for what seems like an entire week. So gross.

But, really Marshalls and the other TJX Brands ( TJMAXX, HomeGoods and Marshalls) have the best quality and most amazing designs in accent furniture, home accessories and more!

My recent purchase from Home Goods, I mentioned in a post here.

I would love for HomeGoods to go into the larger furniture market and sell couches, dining tables, or even kitchen cabinets- oh!

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