Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pouf the Magic Dragon Lives By The Sea

These pouf ottomans are all the rage now. I first saw them added to a beautifully decorated nursery via Pinterest, and now-- they are EVERYWHERE.

I love them! Adding a pouf to a room adds a sense of elegance, and by selecting a pouf that uses a shimmer or Metallic material, the pouf could actually help to balance the lighting in the room. 

And then, I started to think about the shape of the amazing thing we call a pouf ottoman. At first, the shape kind of creeped me out. Like, really? I have this weird pet-peeve about Marshmellows that stems from my childhood (don't ask), so when I saw my first pouf , I nearly barfed (sorry mom!).

Anywho...the rounded shape adds a fun touch to any room and should make you just want to grab and giant piece of graham cracker and chocolate and have at it.

I had no idea pouf ottomans were Moroccan. Love this! The pouf in the rooms below add such a fun, playful element to the overall aesthetic of the room. See fur yourself-- get it?! The first room from The Decorologist adds a touch of "grr" to the room by adding a fur pouf.

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