Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

I visited my favorite fashion inspiration site, a website curated by super fashionistas from around the world. Here are a few round ups that have made my Spring and Summer fashion trends.

Soft Mint

Amazing, right? I love how Breanne infused soft lime and coral pink with a nude shoe and bag. Her blog, is pretty freaking amazing too. Here are a few more looks from Breanne. Amazing, no?

Mixing Textures 

Stylary sooo did this trend justice, by mixing knit, with chiffon. Her rosette clutch adds depth to this look. And the color palette is amazing! I added a few other looks from Stylary that I fell in love with. Check out more of Stylary's look over at

Military Style

You can so work the military style with out looking like a- urgh... a military officer? ha! Fashion Salade did an amazing job working this military jacket with a soft floral top. Here are a few more super amazing looks from Fashion Salade.

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