Friday, May 4, 2012

Chalk full of Surprises: Amazing Chalkboard paint re-do ideas for Mother’s Day

Sheesh, that was a long title. Anywho. I’ve always loved how fashion trends from the runway, end up in interior design elements, and vice-versa. Seriously-- you can bet that if you see metallic, grommets and animal print as a trend on the runway— you’ll find them popping up in interior design in the fabric of an arm chair, or used as the primary fabric material on a pouf.

What’s super fun is to see a trend from interior design, somehow get neatly translated into DIY and craft projects. You didn’t see that coming, eh?

I was so amazed to find chalk paint covering everything in home design from walls to counter tops and even refrigerators. What’s even more super amazing is to find chalk incorporated in craft projects like using chalk paint to cover a small terracotta pot, and writing the type of flower with a fun neon colored chalk.

It so cute to have your little ones use chalk paint to paint over an old small table or even a headboard—to add flair to any room. Easiest DIY Mother’s Day Gift ever! Really. All you really need is chalk paint and a surface that will adhere paint. Done. Ha! I even saw Easter Eggs covered with chalk paint.

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