Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Crib

If you love hoarding, then this post just isn't going to be for you. I admit-- I have an entire crib in about 50 million pieces in my garage. Here's the story of our abandoned crib. Oh no, that sounded harsh, we loved our crib-- when I was pregnant with our first, because the idea of having a crib made us feel like urgh... official parents, ha! Silly, society. 

Blank! I totally just had an image of a baby sleeping in a dresser drawer-- hey, it happens people.

Anywho, after we set up our crib for our first and she never slept in it, well with the breastfeeding and co-sleeping, we couldn't get our little diva to stay in her crib the entire night. So, when we had our second, we never put him in the crib. Wait. Did we? I totally can't remember. When my son is in his thirties and he reads this post, he is so going to think I was a sucky mom, ha! It's okay. Mommy and Daddy just moved really quickly in our younger years. Yup, that's what I'll say.

And... back to the story. Sorry, folks. By the time we had our third our crib had been packed for 2 years! Insane. And, no we never used it for our third.

All of this thinking about how much I've hoarded a crib for almost five years, had me curious about unique ways to repurpose a crib.

Lil Sugar  and Apartment Therapy posted really cool articles about turning your old baby crib into a wagon, activity table and more!




  1. Love these ideas of things to do with an old crib! Makes me wish wehad one! Lol! We never used one either...although the initial intention with our first was there...cosleeping and nursing took over =)

  2. Hi Nicole, Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I never found it useful to have a crib while nursing, especially, if you are exclusively breastfeeding, because you'll need to get up at least 6-7 times a night for the first several months. ha!