Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY Tablescape for Mother's Day Brunch

Take Mom on the rooftop this Mother's Day. Not to jump, silly. But, for brunch, duh. This is so a "G" rated blog.

I hear that Mother's Day brunch is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. I'm sure Valentine's Day is number one overall--V-day-- I so, can't stand that word. Anywho... for brunch Mother's Day has it.

I live in an incredibly sunny city in Northern California. In fact, I attended college, not far from where my husband and I settled to raise our wonderful family and throughout my entire college career, I didn't wear a coat or a closed toe shoe for four straight years-- just because the weather was so nice year round. Yup, crazy, I know.

With the weather typically nice on Mother's Day every year, I started to research DIY tablescapes for outdoor settings, and I came across the most beautiful and amazing-- did I say amazing-- tablescapes ever! Like, seriously people.

I love how the tablescapes incorporate rustic elements with soft pastel color palettes. Super cute!



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  1. Hope mother’s day brunch was lovely. I have planned a birthday party for my nephew at one of pretty venue NYC next week. Hoping to finalize it soon as have to make further preparations of catering and decorations also.