Monday, May 28, 2012

The Great Knock Down

"Babe, I think we can add our own hardware to our kitchen cabinets". The keyword in that statement was think

For now, I will hold off on knocking down the kitchen wall that leads into our dining room-- seriously every time I watch HGTV and a commercial comes on I stare down that wall and think, "I am so going to knock you down". Grrrr (that was a growl). 

Anywho, I found a few dream kitchens that will inspire me to um... hold off on knocking down my kitchen wall, until I can manage to completely re-do my kitchen. Like, completely. I'm talking about getting a new backsplash, floor, lighting, kitchen island and stainless steel appliances. Hey-- a mommy can dream, right?

GREEN with Envy: LEED Certified Whole House Renovation traditional kitchen
traditional kitchen design by dc metro general contractor Harry Braswell Inc
Kitchen contemporary kitchen
Gabriel Builders eclectic kitchen

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