Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Hairy Situation

For whatever reason, I’ve totally ignored the fact that my super awesome hair has gone untouched for months. Well actually— it’s more like one month and like a week. I remember the days— cue the soft music— seriously, I realized soon after having my oldest, only 4 short years ago how much of a challenge it could be to keep up with the maintenance of my hair. And hair— is something that I have plenty of, let me tell you sister.

I think simple hairstyles,  that require the least amount of styling work best for a busy mom on the go. I mean, I so don’t want to look like I have a ton of kids, and I pile out of bed looking all dishoveled. Because I do, ha! Secrets people, secrets.

Here are a few mommy-friendly hairstyles that are super easy to do. Love these!

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