Thursday, May 3, 2012

He’s a Natural Born Stud

There is just something about the phase, “Studded Natural Linen Pillow” that just warms my heart. The headline "Stud Alert" from Layla Grace’s Facebook post about Jamie Young’s Studded Natural Linen Pillow instantly made me salivate.

We all know how much I love studs. Just kidding—my husband is totally a super stud.

Seriously people, I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with Studs. Decorative studs, of course silly! I guess I should probably stop capitalizing the “s” in stud to clear up the confusion with my intention, eh?

Anywho— studs look amazing on everything from handbags, to pillows, nightstands, planters—it totally doesn't matter, add studs to anything and you’ve gone chic in no time. It’s like going zero to sixty in style seconds.

I came across these super amazing stud-encrusted—is that a word? Not sure. Anywho, these amazing finds are stud-tastic, ha!

Alexander McQueen

BCBG Studded Clutch

Jeffery Campbell


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