Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I like your bag

Recently, I came across a super amazing bag at my local Marshalls, and I fell onto the floor in a cold  sweat. Really. I knew from the moment that I saw this bag, that I had to have it. I mean, hey, the last time I bought a handbag for myself it was second hand, and smelled like old feet. Yup, I'm a Mom.

Anywho, I loved this super amazing bag so much that I carried it everywhere. Into the restroom, to the Doctors office, into Daycare... it totally didn't matter-- I held onto that bag like a parachute! With joy, I skipped to my Mom's house-- I'm kidding she lives 50 miles away, so I totally drove-- but I went to show her my bag, and she calmly says "It's ugly".

I'm all, what?! It's always a bummer, when you realize that you and your Mom don't share the same taste in fashion-- sheesh!

Sorry, I digress. Here is the real story-- enough with the background. One day, I get on the elevator in my office building with my beautiful bag, and my company's receptionist looks at my bag and calls it neat.

I was all, really?! Of course in a high pitch voice. I then told him that my Mom said it was ugly, and how I was so excited that he liked it.

He then looks at my bag again, and says "Hmm... maybe it's the color. The color is a bit off".


Here are a few bags from Asos and Net-a-Porter, that I dream about owning. Take that, front desk man. And Mom. I'm kidding. I love you both. Just about the same too!

Get ready for massive scrolling...

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