Friday, May 25, 2012

Mommy in the Attic

When the master bedroom moves to the attic of a home does that mean the family has outgrown the house? That's insane!

Anywho.. attics are becoming more and more beautiful. Of course, when decorated beautifully! Here are a few attics, that are less... urh "Flowers in the Attic", and more well.. less creepy.

If my master bedroom looked like this?! Ha!

I learned from my good friend, Candice Olson-- yup, we are friends on Facebook, so I think that makes it official. Candice says the secret to decorating an attic is finding furniture that's proportioned to the walls of the attic. Proportioned-- yup, I'm way to exhausted to see if that's an actual word.

Family Room eclectic family room
Mountain House eclectic bedroom
Lola Bs traditional closet
Katie eclectic kids
Great use for the upper floor of a garage traditional home office
Accessible LEED Residence Office modern home office
Kids Study Room to Hallway contemporary hall
Trickett Third Floor contemporary bedroom

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