Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photographer Spotlight: Leela Cyd Ross

You'd never know from most food photography shots, that people actually eat food, ha! I came across a few super amazing images of food on Pinterest in natural food settings. Like, real food. Not the artsy-fancy food pics that are all over Pinterest, but the urban-edgy,boho-hipster chic style of food photography.

If this style of photography even exists, it belongs to Leela Cyd Ross--  a photographer based in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California, who I discovered on Pinterest.

Leela uses really interesting angles, and of course adds a flair to the traditional food shot by photographing food with amazing lighting and often times plates with half eaten food on them!

It looks like her shoots are tons of fun! And messy. Kind of like dinner at my house with my three wonder little lambs. So-- lets say you see a photo of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich smashed into a bright red brick wall. Appetizing, eh? Anywho.. it's probably the masterpiece of Photographer Leela Cyd Ross. 

I snagged a few of my favorite samples of her work below, but you should totally check her site out, Leelacyd.com and mention that you found her via Nite Nite Mommy!

Leela is also Apartment Therapy's Photo Editor, where she blogs about photography at the Super Photo Magic School. Love it!

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