Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playing Dress Up

So, my four year old little Diva wears my dresses and high-heels on a daily basis. Seriously. I will come home from work, and she'll greet me in the garage wearing my 6-inch stilettos and wedding dress. True story. That's what happens when daddy is the babysitter. Kidding! My husband is an amazing caregiver! Swear.

Anywho... after watching my four year old daughter rotate through my very small selection of summer dresses, I thought hmpt. "I will probably need to buy a summer dress before winter arrives".Sorry folks, but the last time I bought a summer dress it was in the year 2003 -- ha, that was a good year though! But my collection of summer dresses, is a bit not so good.

Here is my round-up of amazingly beautiful dresses. When I want to feel like a girl, I put on a dress.

Credits are at the way bottom. So, scroll. :)







1. Top Shop; Here
2. Top Shop; Here
3. Top Shop; Here
4. Top Shop; Here
5. Alice + Olivia; Here
6. French Connection; Here

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