Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pom Spectacular

The title of this post somehow insinuates that I'm going to share my favorite moments about being on the pom team in High School. But, the reality is-- I was never on the pom team in High School.

Yup. I tried out for cheer and pom in High School, and for lack of a better word-- they told me I sucked. I was all really?!

Anywho.. sorry for the rant, but almost 10 years later.. 10 really? Um... 2003 to 2012.. yup just making sure.  But, 10 years later I am still a little bitter, ha!

I held off for long enough, and I told myself that I wouldn't blog about pom poms, you know that other kind of pom, which probably got its name from cheer poms, or vise versa. I've seen poms used in decorating baby rooms, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, yup... they're pretty much everywhere.

They kind of remind me of Pinatas.. which reminds me of salsa, which reminds me that I should stop eating so much junk food.

Here are my pom pom favorites.

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Dreamy Whites eclectic bedroom
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