Friday, May 18, 2012

Wedding Gone Glamour

Is it weird that I totally just watched a complete stranger's wedding video on Vimeo? I mean, thats normal-- eh? But they were such an attractive couple-- stalk much? Yes.

Anywho! I came across a pin on.. you guessed it! I came across these pins on Pinterest-- and I thought, heck yea! Where was Pinterest when I was planning my freaking wedding. Can we say stressful!? These super amazing ecards would have totally made me laugh during the amazing wedding planning process.

Don't you just love that?!

And now, for the big D-A-Y! Holler! Style Me Pretty, Ruffled and Wed Lux Magazine, are my go-to resources for everything wedding.

1. Wedluxe Magazine
2. Bride O'Rama
3.Wedluxe Magazine
4. Style Me Pretty
5. Wedluxe Magazine

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