Monday, May 28, 2012

You're so Vain

I found a super clever and cheap.. did I say cheap.... okay super cheap way to bring your bathroom from the 90's into the new millineum. It's amazing-- ugh! My eight month old just poured her snacks on the floor.

Okay, and... back to blogging. That was insane. She is now successfully straped in her high chair and she's eating bananas. That should keep her occupied for another 3 seconds.

Anywho... back to my bathroom idea. By simply adding a fun and modern mirror, to replace your 80's or 90's (our's is so 90's) vanity or medicine cabinet, you can add an instant upgrade to your outdated bathroom for a couple of bucks.

Home Goods, Target and even Goodwill has great mirror selections. Here are a few really beautiful bathroom examples from

The Vidabelo traditional bathroom
Independence, MN traditional bathroom
Pink Bath traditional bathroom
Hillgrove Project traditional bathroom
Modern Urban Revival traditional powder room
Powder Room traditional powder room
Pennsylvania Farm House contemporary powder room
Powder Bathroom traditional powder room
2010 Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Home of the Year contemporary powder room

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