Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY: Pottery Barn Tutorials

Now that was a long blog title. Anywho! I love Pottery Barn. It's like the same love that I have for Parfait.     "Who doesn't love Parfait?"-- in my Shrek voice. I am a nerd. And a mom. So there.

I've always wanted to recreate something from Pottery Barn Kids for my little one's bedroom, but I came to the conclusion that making curtains from regular fabric was just not going to work for my kids bedroom. Their room, unfortunately is the hottest room in our home. It's not in the attic or anything, but it's certainly gets the most sunlight than any other part of the house during the day. The natural light we love, but the 108 degree weather in the summertime is a no thanks.

I thought, hmmm... if only I could create my own black out curtains, like the ones we have in our master bedroom for my little ones that would be great. And then! Love this-- I came across DIY blackout curtains. Love?!!!

Make it and Love it created this blackout curtain tutorial-- Oh wait and did I mention they were no-sew? And they are so Pottery Barn Kids!

The amazing folks at Project Nursery recreated a Pottery Barn Nautical shelf for a fraction of the price.


Was inspired by this shelf from Pottery Barn

This chalkboard was inspired by
By this Pottery Barn chalkboard

And this...

Was inspired by this art work display from Pottery Barn

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