Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eating my Lunch for Dinner?

So.. hmm.. I totally just rushed to make dinner, and I hurried to get the kids off to bed so that I could have a moment to make my lunch for tomorrow. Sounds like a good plan, huh? Well.. hmmm... I think my bathtime routine with my 3 year old and 5 year old, totally made me burn my calories from dinner, because I was starving by like 10pm. Hmpt!

Anywho.. after making my lunch-- which by the way, it's my first time bringing my lunch to work since like 2006, but by the time I had finished making my lunch tonight I was starving!

I totally ended up eating half of my sandwich immediately after I made it. Ha! What's the meal between dinner and breakfast? Dinakfast. Yup, I ate my sandwich for Dinakfast.

After I quietly snuck and ate half of my sandwich, my husband comes up behind me and takes the other half and asks, "Oh.. are you going to eat this?".

"Um.. yes.. I am planning to eat it tomorrow, because it's my freaking lunch!". Kidding. I totally made that statement to myself, and I instead nodded and smiled. You know. The nod and smile a wonderful wife gives her husband when she's too exhausted to argue, but she will instead wait until she's lying in bed to bring up the subject again? Ha, no? Am I the only one? Oh well.

Here  is was my veggie avocado sandwich, with havarti cheese, tomato, cucumber, marinated red
onions, goddess dressing and organic greens.

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