Monday, June 18, 2012

If I really like you, I'll IM you.

Remember Myspace? I finally logged into my old Myspace account today. Like really? Here’s the scoop. For the past x years, I’ve tried logging into my account— you know cause I've been feeling all nostalgic lately, but I couldn’t remember my email or password for my account. Brr…. I emailed Myspace  year’s back and they never emailed me back. I was all “I just want to see my old photos”.

Anywho today I finally guessed the correct email to reset my password for the account, only to login and see that it was my second Myspace account that I used to promote my blog at the time, not my personal account. #myspacefail.

So, really?! I am still determined to find my old Myspace. I’m not sure why I am incredibly concerned about logging into my old Myspace account. I mean it’s not like I’m going to log in and find a pink haired troll or something. Ha!

The levels of intimacy infographic below is hilarious! According to the graph, Tweeting someone is less intimate, than a Facebook Status. How intimate is throwing a rock at someones head?

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