Friday, July 20, 2012

And Owl, will always love you

Do you want to hear a true story? No? Okay--I drafted this post 2 months ago. Ha! Seriously, I wrote the title and then started doing something else— and by something else, I mean that I took care of my responsibilities around my home. 

You know, the whole sweeping, cleaning off the kitchen counter and table, mopping,dusting ( kidding—what do people dust with nowadays) and other household chores.

We'll this morning I came across this really lovely Lalya Grayce post in my Facebook newsfeed and I had a slight deja vu. 

Like— oh look at those pretty owls. Then in my natural thought process I remembered that I had created a title for a blog post about owls. Sorry. I ranted. And...done. So, from that post I checked out a few really pretty Layla Grace owl themed nursery accessories. 

Don’t you just love? Here’s my owl nursery inspiration from

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