Wednesday, July 25, 2012

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Here's what I am loving, and not loving. Linking to my girl Michaela Noelle's Linky Party.

She Loves Me:

1. I created a fan page for my blog yesterday. Was it yesterday? Man-- how time flies. Anywho, come and join the fun, by liking my page here (

2. Sugar Cookie Martini with butterscotch schnapps. Yes, please and thank you. 


3. So this closet is amazing! I just wish that I could eat it. Maybe its the color theme. Gah!


4. Speaking of eating-- I am so loving this veggie lasagna via the curvy carrot. #Flexitarian

She Loves Me Not

1. So wait! I am so loving Marisa Myers right now. She's accomplished so much as a young CEO of yet another Fortune 500 Company. It makes me sad that all the news is around her being pregnant. It's like yes she is a woman, and yes she is having a baby-- no need to alert Guinness.

2. It's back to school time! I know, I know. My oldest little lamb will be starting kindergarten at the end of next month. This means we will have to make way for diva glitter pens and paper, feather notepads and jazz hands. Ugh! Ha! She is so going to rock kinder. And by rock-- I mean she will get good grades, of course!


  1. Okay...that Martini looks AMAZING. And so cute, too :) Thanks for linking up and playing along! xo

  2. Yes! I agree! I've been waiting for your party all month! Thanks for hosting!