Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tutorial: Scallop Paper Lantern

6.tissue paper
So here's how I turned my old postpartum tummy wrap box into a paper lantern. Now that's what I call a send off to your freaking baby weight-- ha!

Here is what you'll need;
1. Scissors
2. a cup or something round to trace
3. tape
4. string
5. paper clip
6. tissue paper

Fold tissue paper sheets to make a solid. Trace circles and cut.

Cut your "lantern" box on the sides. I wanted to only use half of the box so I cut the top of the box off and ended up just using the bottom. 

 In a straight line secure your circles to the box. Alternate colors and patterns to create a unique piece.

Add a string and a paper clip to hang the lantern from the ceiling. I know, you can totally see the tape but don't worry no one will grab a ladder to get that close to your lantern. Unless you invite my mom over. She will see your tape from the front door. Sorry folks.
 I used a thumb tack to attach it to the ceiling-- and bam! Done.


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