Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Design Trend: Textured Wallpaper

I stood up today in the back of a small crowded room of 5 year olds and their parents to watch a mad scientist perform lack luster science experiments in an awfully dirty and probably salmonella infected white lab coat. I was all eww is your lab coat a Petrie dish? Sorry, I digress.

Anywho, I had to stand in the back so that I could comfort my youngest lamb who, like her mama wasn't a fan of Bill Nye the science geek. Guy. Yup.

So... in that awkward moment in the back of the room I scrambled to find my little one anything to distract her attention.

I whipped my head around to find textured wallpaper on the wall. We started lightly scratching the wall and just like magic she was distracted.

While Bill was over there mixing vinegar with baking soda, I was in the back of the room creating my own little experiment, called hush little baby via interior design elements--ha!

Here are a few super trendy rooms that incorporate textured wallpaper into the overall space.

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