Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gratuitous Photos From My Cell

The title suggests I am taking photos inside of a jail cell, but that's slightly untrue. I know you thought about it.

So, I think I was well aware that I haven't posted in like forever. Actually my last post was on Aug 11!!

Where have I been you ask? Well, I just came back from a wonderful trip to Monte Carlo. Kidding. I've been home with my three wonderful children without internet for 30 days. Umm-hnm, did I mention we dont have internet? Yes and thank you.

I realized two things about my life during this silence. One-- we really need the internet to function. And two--my camera phone and instagram have replaced my Nikon. Say whaaaaa?! Insane I know.

Here are a few photos of what life on the prairie has been like. They are totally cell phone photos so my bad on the quality. Yuuucckkk.

Oh yea and blogging from this phone is annoying. Love ya!!!!!!

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