Friday, August 3, 2012

Life of a Blogger

So, since I started blogging almost 5 months ago, life has been super busy. From blogging with one hand while breastfeeding, to pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest-- and then suddenly finding myself working full-time as a Social Media Manager in an agency, my fingers are a hurtin. Kidding.

But this means that my time spent on handling my client's account has replaced my blogging time. And, tweeting time. Facebook posting time. Uh-huh, you get the idea.

On Monday I created a fan page-- eek!! And since then through a little page post ads and among other things, I now have 43 fans ( in counting). Good stuff, no?

Here is a direct link to the fan page on Facebook for Nite Nite Mommy:

Take a look around at my other posts, and if you like what you see come and like us on Facebook! We are so going to have fun! Oh yea, Oh yea.

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