Saturday, August 11, 2012

Teen Room or Dorm Room Design Ideas

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Hey man, if these walls could talk. It seems like rooms go through alot of change. Have you ever thought about this? Prob not, unless you were an awkward only child like I was. Or maybe I was not awkward, just afraid of people. That's all. Kidding!

Anywho-- I'm in the process of transitioning my co-sleeping baby, into an independent mother of three-- wait, that's me. But, I will be starting the process of weaning my little one, and getting her ready for her own bed. 50 feet down the hall.

But once my little one outgrows her toddler room, then she'll need a "big girl" room. Then she'll need a pre-teen, teen, grown adult, and then a woman room. Yes, I am hoping my youngest lives with me until she's 40 because I am dreading being an empty nester. Yes, I know my kids are 5, 3 and 11 months old-- but they will grow up someday-- ha!

While planning the next 12 years of my kids lives, I came across these super cute teen or dorm room spaces.

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