Thursday, August 30, 2012

When your TV is a must see: 6 Inspirational Spaces

If you've been following my posts and tweets lately I am sure you are well aware that we finally caved in and got our internet back. Yes, after 30-something days of prairie living, we decided to join good ol' modern society again. It's odd though, because the way my desk is located in my family room, I can only see the TV from the side of my eye while I'm on the computer.

I think it's a good thing though, otherwise I would probably accidently substitute random words in my blog posts with words that I hear on TV. You know, like if I watched Real Housewives while blogging my posts would probably sound like this:

She can keep her charity money Ellen because I don't need it. I cant believe she didn't come to my event. I mean how many events are happening on the same night in New York City. That witch!

And then the post would suddenly start talking about chalkboard paint or something. Can we say random?! Anywho-- since we started watching TV again, I realized that the white space around our TV really bothers me. It's just one huge wall, with a 55 inch mounted plasma. Oh and spider webs. Yup, I saw them the other day, mentioned it to my hubby and then we continued to watch HGTV.

I love the way these spaces cleverly incorporates the TV into the design of the room. Love it!

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