Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby Girl Halloween Costumes are..

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This year we will be celebrating Halloween in my home for the first time ever. Yes, three children-- 5, 3 and 1-- and we've decided to celebrate.

It's been an on going battle-- mkay, not a battle, more like a heated discussion between my husband and I for 5 years about celebrating Halloween. Yes, I even cried the first Halloween we "skipped" over and I totally put myself down for not allowing my 5 month old baby to dress like a tomato.. or lion.. or bumble bee-- you get the idea.

Isn't this three little lambs costume so fitting for my three little lambs?

Little Lambs via

The great thing is that I'm kind of starting over as this year my youngest will be celebrating her first Halloween.

She'll be a...'s like baby girl costumes are so random. Is she a bumble bee or lady bug? Because her costume has lady bug spots, but she has black wings. It's like she's a hybrid between a lady bug and a wasp. Adorable?
Sock Monkey via 

Here are a few more super sweet costumes for your wee-ones.

Baby Chick via

Fred and Wilma via Etsy


  1. Oh my gosh... the sock monkey and chicken... hilarious and sooooo cute! :)