Saturday, September 1, 2012

High Hopes: DIY Balloon Craft Ideas

The one thing that really upsets me about balloons isn't really the fact that they harbor static which means that a simple "brush-by" one of them means that your hair will stand on end and leave you looking like Chucky ( that was a bad reference--but you get the point), but it's the fact that balloons filled with air don't last long.

Really?! Like I had an amazing idea to set up the decorations for my kids birthday party the night before, you know so that the day of the party I could sit on my butt and snack on deviled eggs until the guests arrive. But, I woke up the morning of the party only to find that my blown up balloons ( isn't it odd how the word balloon has two "l's" and two "o's"?) Anyway my balloons looked like saggy post mommy breastfeeding breast. ( I'm on a role with these amazing references in this post people, so please bear with me-- ha!)

Next time I want to be all "super mommy" and decorate the night before, I will most likely make some of these wonderful balloon crafts.

I love these DIY yarn balls, and how lovely they look with the tablescape. The tutorial is here!

Water Balloon Tea Lights. My good friend at Dollar Store Crafts shares the step-by-step here.

These cheesecloth ghosts are spook-tacular. via Country Living 

Button bowl: Blow up a balloon, glue buttons to it, pop it and seal with modge podge. See the tutorial here.

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