Friday, October 19, 2012

7 DIY Halloween Costumes-- for big kids

When I found out my workplace was hosting a Halloween party I thought... mkay? I often times dress like I'm wearing a costume to work. Like I wear 6 inch stiletto, pencil skirts and peplum jackets. It's so much fun! Like, really!
The secret is-- some people stare at me when I go out. And by go out, I mean when I'm walking to my office from the parking garage. Sometimes I think they ask themselves " What is she wearing? Does she think it's Halloween?"

If I had to dress up for Halloween I would totally rock these DIY Halloween costumes. The Glitter Guide shared a few here.

Olivia Palermo. She is-- I mean so bouge I can't stand it. Werk!


Bette Davis. This. Look. Is. Classic.


It's Solange. You know, Beyonce's little sister? For some odd reason I feel like me calling her that personally pisses her off. Sorry! :)
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Kelly Osbourne. She's gone through a ton of changes and I couldnt be more happy for her. She's adorable now.

Lucy Honeychurch from a room with a view. I totally love watching historical films. Mostly for the hair and costumes. Ha!

Million Dollar costume. Simple. Two french braids and look like you want to beat the crap outta someone
Or you can be Clint. Totally-- up to you.


Jennifer Connely-- a Beautiful Mind


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