Saturday, October 13, 2012

7 Tips for your Halloween Photo Shoot

Action is key: The best shots are unrehearsed natural moments. Get your little ones to wiggle a little, have fun-- after all it's not court. I'm not sure where that reference came from, but you get the idea.


Emotional Emmy: I love getting full facial up-close and personal "Mommy can you get outta my face photos". These kind of photos I like to call Target ad photos. You know, this kind of photo is taken up so close you c an see every little freckle on your little one's nose.


Angle and perspective. Try interesting angles. Shoot above them, or below them for the perfect artistic shot.


Costume shot: Make certain to capture up close shots of your kids costume because after all they will most likely never wear it again- or at least for Halloween for that matter. You may have also cried and yelled a little bit to actually get your two year old to keep her wings on so hey! 
The Stylized Halloween Shoot:  Be all Martha and snap photos of the decor, food,candy and every element of that special day!


Take pics before Halloween Day: Yup, because if you are anything like I am you may have purchased your kids costumes in August. Hey man-- the competition is tough where I'm from. Take your pics at the pumpkin patch, on a fall outing,apple picking-- or any other Halloween like festivity so that on Halloween day you are not stressed to snap the perfect shot
Bring hella extra: Mkay-- that may not have been the most articulate tip, but make sure you have extra batteries, napkins, water, wet naps, snacks-- because well, kids can get a bit temperamental when they're hungry.

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