Monday, November 5, 2012

Highly organized or highly impatient?

I took the kids to visit my mom yesterday which means I am now in deep denial that my house isnt organized  Okay, here is an example. I ask my husband where my car keys are, and sometimes I yell to him " Babe have you seen my pads!". He hates that. But my mom, who by the way is the exact same as my husband when it comes to OCD/ manic organizing and sorting, loves a good organizer. My moms shoes are neatly stored in Tupperware containers. Yes. All 150 pairs. Annoy-- yes? Her earrings are neatly stored in an "earring hanger"-- like who invented that? Oh and yes-- the wallets and gloves are neatly organized in wicker baskets. My mom should totally open a boutique.

One day-- my plan is to make my mom and husband product and neatly organize everything in my life. I plan to take my earrings out of my car and neatly hang them on an earring hanger.

What do you think of this super organized closet. Oh and by the way-- my closets look nothing like this. I'm just sayin...

Highly organized boxes: DIY closet solutions

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