Thursday, November 29, 2012

Targeting the Gen Z'ers and the Gen Y'ers

I almost published this blog post in all purple font. Anywho-- fantabulose readers! Oh, hello! It's been a while-- no? I promise to stop answering my own questions in this post, but as you all may remember I am not a fan of coffee, but I am sipping a hot cup now and its making me feel like I want to cry. Perhaps the caffeine is evoking emotions. Not sure what the odd lump in my throat is but it's kind of annoying.

Anywho-- I recently wrote a blog post about how to target Gen-Z in a blog post for my work, but us Gen-Y'ers ( yep, I made that up) are from a totally different breed. You know, we watched Blossom and Boy Meets World.  Learned how to master pager code at a young age and even were the first generation to own PC's and desktops. Yes, we were. Swear.

It's not a surprise that ModCloth was recently featured in Forbes (hell yeah sister) and positioned as the retailer who was "winning the battle for millennial women." It's like they totally get me. Mod Cloth is vintage-inspired clothing, accessories and home decor retailer for women. 

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