Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 Amazing Holiday Tablescapes

Blogging with one hand I must say is a pretty awesome experience. Like, you may ask why I feel the urge to blog while I am obviously tied up, but its "Christmas Eve" Eve!!!!! I'm currently nursing a feverish 17 month old, and doing my best to incorporate my oldest in my blogging process by allowing her to help me choose photos. Whew--okay, I just typed that last sentence with two hands. What-what!

Alright. The toddler has moved on from the boob. Not for good, but only for a moment as she'll most likely come back to me with something that she's found. Most likely it will be a pen or some other object that is not child appropriate.

My house is kind of feeling like Christmas. The mantel is decorated and we're burning our holiday candle. And.. done.

With a box full of leftover Christmas decorations I started thinking about how to incorporate Christmas into the rest of the house. Then--voila! Tablescape. Holiday Style. Love it?

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