Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Holiday Mantel Reveal

Ho Ho Ho-liday Mantel

Hey all! You may remember my tutorial for my DIY paper bag tassel here-- but I suddenly had an epiphany to combine my paper bag and sales ad tassel to create one magnificent piece. Oh, and then the fact that I ran out of paper bags kind of helped with my inspiration. Anywho-- Here are the photos of my holiday mantel!

Ha! You can totally see me snapping the photo in that ornament. Hello--readers!!

 So-- that wonderful artwork is totally DIY. Yup, I know right? I have a sick fascination with chalkboard paint (sample blog post here, and the annoying "yup we got it" follow up post here). Okay, so I downloaded the free printable via Nest of Posies-- snagged an old frame from Goodwill for $2 and voila! Download her holiday printable here!

I used an old apple cider bottle and shoved (that sounded harsh) I "placed" twigs from my backyard in it to create a holiday card tree.

So then, I woke up this morning. Morning? What time is it. Oh-- yes! It's 2:30-- no worries my children have been fed, but this whole " I can totally wake up and snap a few photos of my mantel" idea took a lot longer than I would have hoped. I mean--like I created this sewing needle ornament tree seen here via Tip Junky, but I had to start over like 10 times. Umkay?! Oh and I didn't have a needle, so I used a standing paper towel rack. Can we say DIY?

 And more details! Likey?

Without seeming all sentimental this holiday season I must confess that staging my holiday decor this year was a bit unsettling. With all kidding aside, I kept thinking about the 20 innocent 5 and 7 years old's who lost their life on Friday and how their Moms and Dads would be celebrating (if at all) for the first time without their children. Breaks my heart-- really!

My prayers are with the families of Newtown, Connecticut.