Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY Easter Wreaths

I can't believe Easter is near. It seems like only yesterday we were piling the kids out of the car for the annual Easter egg hunt at our local park. Which by the way was over when we got there because we were late, erh-- early for next year's I mean.

How do you cover that up? People were walking in the opposite direction, no eggs were in the grass. Boom! Mommy and Daddy had to get creative. And creative and poor we are my friends. Okay, so.. we staged the kids in their pristine little Easter wear, with empty baskets in-tow and had a mini family photo shoot in the park that day. Thank goodness they were too young to ask "But I thought we were supposed to be hunting Easter eggs" or that would have really sucked.

Anywho this Easter I am super excited about two things. One: we finally have a mantel to decorate! Woot! We are officially homeowners (sigh) which means we can totally poke holes in walls and demolish if we wanna. But we don't. But the key here is that we have a fire place with  mantel and I've had a blast decorating it for Christmas and Valentines Day, so Easter is in trouble!

The other thing I am super juiced about is dressing the kids in their Easter garb and sitting them in the exact same spot in the backyard we took a picture last year, and see how much they've grown! Ahh!! My 3 little lambs!

In prepping my Easter mantel I normally start with the DIY project that will take the longest. In this case, it looks like the wreath will be a time-suck  take the most attention and detail. Here are a few really awesome DIY Easter wreaths.

Spring Wreath via Positively Slendid

Burlap Spring Wreath via Top This and That

DIY Boxwood Wreath via Love of Family and Home


  1. Thanks for sharing my wreath! What a nice treat. Laura@topthistopthat

  2. Hi Laura! Your blog is adorable! I'm glad I found you! :)