Sunday, February 10, 2013

Flipping for Vegas

Over the weekend I became insanely obsessed with A&E's Flipping Vegas. I don't know if it's the interior designer that wow's me each and every time or if it's the nerd and homeowner in me that has fallen for the low prices of these beautiful Vegas homes.

So here's how the show works. Husband-wife duo flip these crappy looking homes, and turn them into something magical. The recipe for interior design success includes, dark walls, light kitchens, tile backsplashes, dark wood, granite counter tops. Love?! Yes, and please.

Don't ask me what happens from a real estate perspective  'cause the show never mentions if the properties sell. Yup! They are just really purrttyyy! Ha!

Here are a few homes that resemble these gorge Vegas flips! Oh and watch the show. It's addicting. Slightly overacted-- but most reality TV is nowadays.

This is totally a blogable moment because my style is more Lonny Mag and less Elle Decor, but this style is totally Elle. Does this mean my style is changing. Am I a grown up now-- says the woman with tons of kids.

Anywho enjoy my collection of Flipping Vegas inspired rooms!!

                            Traditional Bedroom design by Denver Architect Ashley Campbell Interior Design

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