Saturday, February 16, 2013


Not many folks can pull of sequins  glitter and glam in the daytime like my mom. Really. She's all kinds of glam. I look at her with my sister and we're all really? Sequins and leopard to Safeway? It used to be funny until I realized how much glitter and glam I recently started pining to my Pinterest boards. Like, I thought I would turn 30 and totally turn into my mom-- but I wont be 30 for another 3 years, so what is going on!!!!

Here's a pic of my mom getting her glam on during grandmahood. Like really? Shes a glam-mama.

After pulling these old photos with the kids, I looked back and determined that I lost my fashion sense soon after my son's second birthday. Odd. No really. Before my son turned 2-- I found tons of photos of me wearing my vintage finds. I mean, I used to love a vintage button down floral top, paired with an old pair of stone washed shorts-- all purchased for a steal from Thrift Town. Then. My fashion went from thrifty to well... Walmart. No really. 

I remember the first day I bought a shirt out of Walmart. We had to get toilet paper, diapers, oh and the weather is getting cold so I guess I'll need a long sleeve shirt. Gosh.

Okay. Let's get it together. I'm talking to myself, here so just bear with me. Okay, I vow to get my glam back by the end of this year. Bam!

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  1. Looking fantastic Mekaela, you must be getting so excited and starting the countdown. All the best for sunshine next week. ;-
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