Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Mantel Reveal

So I started secretly pinning-- not on a secret board or anything, but I didn't share with everyone that I had started pinning, 'cause I started it around Christmas. Yup. I was all... hmm Christmas? Valentine's Day? Yes, and please.

Here's my VDay mantel. Oh and with special styling help from my mom-- aka my apprentice, featuring my DIY wall art made from my wall decals via Walls Need Love.

So for my wall art-- I covered an old picture from with these:

I cut the circles out and folded them in half to create hearts. I then layered them on the frame--starting at the bottom, and tiling them almost like a roof. 'Cause ya' know I always tile roofs.

So here's the finished product.

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland--GlamFeteByBri on Etsy
Ceramic Hearts-- Dollar Tree
Glitter Hearts-- Dollar TreePicture Frame: Thrifted
Gold and Tan hearts: Wall Decals via Walls Need Love

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