Sunday, March 3, 2013

Southern Soul

This weekend has been filled with Rehab Addict, followed by catching up to seasons and seasons of House of Lies ONDemand. Yes, my viewing pleasures are all over the place-- I know, but I am such a whore for anything DIY, decorating and reno ( House of Lies is just gooooddd!). I finally convinced my husband to watch-- halfway sleep through, an episode of Rehab Addict, and I couldnt help but think back a year and a half ago when we started the search for our own home.

I may be all glam, but I love tradition and every house I fell in love with was built either in 1912 or 1953. I mean older homes just have so much charm! According to my husband "Old house equals old problems" which was true as the sewer in one older home we looked at had to be gutted. Another old home needed its roof replaced--oh just 20K-- no biggie.

We ended up with a cape cod style house built in 1996, and I LOVE it! While it has that old world charm, it doesn't come with the old world problems of a 70 year old home. It's like the outside body is that of a 90-year old woman, but she's functioning with a 17 year old heart. Odd-- but you get the analogy.

There are some super amazing couples that take on the challenge of an old home with stride like the beautiful couple over at Young House Love. Their reno, and revamping their old home is just breathtaking!! Here is a quick before and after from YHL's

Source: Young House Love
Source: Young House Love

Source: Young House Love
Source: Young House Love

So the show, Rehab Addict flips old homes, and restores them back to their original glory. Subway tiles, traditional hardwood, salvaged backsplahes-- love!

To satisfy my urge to flip an old house, I started searching for old homes, with you know that old home charm. Call me a southern girl at heart. And not southern California. Boom!


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