Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts: Mint, Peach and Gold

I've become an absolute whore for anything mint, peach or gold. Truth. So sad. I know. What kind of person am I? That wasn't a question. Anywho.. here are a few Etsy finds that warmed my heart, perf for Mother's Day!

1. You are my Sunshine Wall Art: Paper Chat on Etsy
2. Peach Wedding Pomander: FairyfolkWeddings on Etsy
3. Chunk Faux Necklace: SageKandCo on Etsy
4. Art Framed Gold Print: GildedMint on Etsy
5. Peach Orange Pillow: MotifPillows on Etsy
6. Mint Birds :IrenKar on Etsy
7. Gold Mylar Pom Pom: Glam Fete By Bri on Etsy
8. Mountain Jade Beads: GoldenAge Beads on Etsy
9. Clutch Purse: ByMart on Etsy

What are your favorite gifts for mom for Mother's Day. Comment below and share!

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